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To make this work properly, you need to run GZDoom with both wads included in the zip AND the dehacked file (metroid.deh).

I reccomend creating a batch file with the following:
gzdoom -file Met.wad -file Met_maps_fancy.wad -deh Metroid.deh

If you don't know what a batch file is... it's a text file with that command inside and name it something like "MetroidDoom.bat". Double click to start.

You will need a Doom2.wad (I'm not sure, seriously I'm very dumb).

CategoryGame mod
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Tags1993, Action-Adventure, Atmospheric, Doom, doom-wad, FPS, metroid, Metroidvania, Singleplayer


SpramsMetroidDoom.zip 18 MB

Install instructions

Remember to run both wads and the dehacked file included or the mod will not work right.

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