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Zissi's Island is an open world 3D platformer.

This is the demo of the game, which is almost finished.

Zissi (the player) has traveled from far away to visit her grandmother which coincidentally is about to celebrate her birthday. Of course, Zissi forgot it was soon going to be her grandma's birthday so she didn't get her a present and must now search the island for pearls to make her a pearl necklace as soon as possible before it's too late... after all, it might be her last birthday ever.

The demo was mostly done to show how the game controls and for you to see how the game runs in your computer. It's a work in progress and the finished game will be slightly different

You can use an xBox controller or keyboard+mouse to play. I recommend a controller. The game contains plenty of shadows and polygons so your pc should be beefy enough to handle it.

The game is up on Steam Greenlight here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/... It hasn't gotten too many visitors so I could use some help!

Get the full game here on Itch.io: https://spram.itch.io/zissis-island/


ZissisIslandDemo.zip 149 MB

Install instructions

Thank you for downloading ZIssi's Island demo!

Put the exe and the folder in the same place!


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Fast movement, cute looks, controls and camera that enrage... Yepp, it's N64 feel all right :)